Fruit Trees For Zone 8 – What Fruit Trees Grow In Zone 8

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By Darcy Larum, Landscape Designer

With homesteading, self-sufficiency and organic foods such rising trends, many homeowners are growing their own fruits and vegetables. After all, what better way is there to know that the food we’re feeding our family is fresh and safe than to grow it ourselves. The problem with homegrown fruits, however, is that not all fruit trees can grow in all areas. This article specifically discusses what fruit trees grow in zone 8.

Growing Zone 8 Fruit Trees

There is a wide range of fruit trees for zone 8. Here we are able to enjoy fresh, homegrown fruit from many of the common fruit trees such as:

However, because of the mild winters, zone 8 fruit trees also include some warmer climate and tropical fruits like:

When growing fruit trees, though, it is important to know that some fruit trees require a pollinator, meaning a second tree of the same kind. Apples, pears, plums and tangerines require pollinators, so you will need the space to grow two trees. Also, fruit trees grow best in locations with well-draining, loamy soil. Most cannot tolerate heavy, poorly draining clay soil.

Best Fruit Tree Varieties for Zone 8

Below are some of the best fruit tree varieties for zone 8:


  • Anna
  • Dorsett Golden
  • Ginger Gold
  • Gala
  • Mollie’s Delicious
  • Ozark Gold
  • Golden Delicious
  • Red Delicious
  • Mutzu
  • Yates
  • Granny Smith
  • Holland
  • Jerseymac
  • Fuji


  • Bryan
  • Hungarian
  • Moorpark


  • Abaca
  • Abyssinian
  • Japanese Fiber
  • Bronze
  • Darjeeling


  • Bing
  • Montimorency


  • Celeste
  • Hardy Chicago
  • Conadria
  • Alma
  • Texas Everbearing


  • Ruby
  • Redblush
  • Marsh


  • Li
  • Lang


  • Nagami
  • Marumi
  • Meiwa



  • Eustis
  • Lakeland


  • Ambersweet
  • Washington
  • Dream
  • Summerfield


  • Bonanza II
  • Early Golden Glory
  • Bicentennial
  • Sentinel
  • Ranger
  • Milam
  • Redglobe
  • Dixiland
  • Fayette


  • Hood
  • Baldwin
  • Spalding
  • Warren
  • Kieffer
  • Maguess
  • Moonglow
  • Starking Delicious
  • Dawn
  • Orient
  • Carrick White


  • Methley
  • Morris
  • AU Rubrum
  • Spring Satin
  • Byrongold
  • Ruby Sweet


  • Silverhill
  • Changsha
  • Owari


  • Dancy
  • Ponkan
  • Clementine

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