Shrub With Red Leaves
zone 9 shrub
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No landscape is complete without shrubs. Shrubs can be used for privacy screens or windbreaks. They provide structure that serves as a backdrop for perennials and annuals and an underpinning for trees. Many shrubs have colorful blooms, bright berries and ornamental bark, often with beauty that lasts all year. 

Shrubs are also an important source of food and shelter for songbirds. Growing bushes in zone 9 isn’t difficult, as many adapt well to the mild climate. Here are a few of the most popular zone 9 shrub varieties.

Common Zone 9 Bushes

Here are some of the most popular zone 9 shrub varieties for planting in the landscape: Blue star juniper – This lovely, low-growing shrub is ideal in or border or can be used as a groundcover in full sun or partial shade. 

Australian tea tree – Also known as Australian myrtle, Australian tea tree is a spreading shrub or small tree with graceful, curving branches. 

Myrtle – This evergreen shrub boasts glossy, dark green leaves and tiny white blooms that give way to purplish berries. 

Japanese aralia – Bold, palm-shaped leaves make Japanese aralia a standout in the garden. Locate it with small-leaved plants for extra interest.

 Sotol plant – Similar to agave or yucca, sotol plant displays strappy, blue-green leaves. 

This is one of the best zone 9 shrub varieties for sunny, dry climates. 

Barberry – A classic shrub, barberry is prized for its brightly colored foliage in shades of green, yellow or burgundy. 

Sago palm – It may look like a miniature palm, but sago palm is actually a cycad, an ancient plant that has existed since prehistoric times. 

Holly (Ilex) – This hardy, low-maintenance shrub is well known for its shiny leaves and bright red berries.

Flowering Shrubs for Zone 9

Angel’s trumpet – Also known as brugmansia, angel’s trumpet is a tropical-looking shrub with gigantic, pendulous blooms. 

Knock Out rose – When it comes to selecting shrubs for zone 9, you can’t go wrong with Knock Out roses. This stunner blooms from mid-spring well into December. 

Camellia – Common zone 9 bushes includes camellia, an old-fashioned beauty that provides colorful, long-lasting blooms. Camellia is a good choice for partial shade. 

Forsythia – Golden blossoms light up the landscape in early spring, while most plants are still hibernating. 

Daphne – Shrubs for zone 9 includes daphne, prized for its sweet aroma and purple, white or pink blooms. 

Rhododendron – A list of zone 9 shrub varieties wouldn’t be complete without rhododendron. Plant this stunner in partial shade. 

Rose of Sharon – A member of the hibiscus family, rose of Sharon displays trumpet-shaped blooms from late summer through mid-autumn. 

Oakleaf hydrangea – This hardy plant is one of the best shrubs for zone 9. Look for huge, oakleaf-shaped leaves and white flowers that gradually turn pink.

Mary H. Dyer

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