Growing Climbing Roses In Zone 9: Climbing Rose Varieties For Zone 9 Gardens

zone 9 climbing roses
zone 9 climbing roses
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Climbing roses are fabulous additions to almost any garden. Bringing to mind the classic “cottage garden” look, these roses can be trained to climb up trellises, fences, and walls. They can make for a truly spectacular look. Can they grow in zone 9? Keep reading to learn more about growing climbing roses in zone 9 gardens and choosing popular zone 9 climbing roses.

It might be easier to ask what climbing roses don’t grow in zone 9. While some top out at zone 9, other climbing rose varieties for zone 9 can stand heat up to zone 10 or 11. As a rule, though, most climbing roses do very well in zone 9. Here are a few favorites to try: Golden Showers - A mostly thornless plant that produces lots of very fragrant yellow blossoms. The flowers start deep gold and lighten to pale yellow. Altissimo - This rose produces large, mildly fragrant, red flowers and does very well in some shade. New Dawn - Very popular because of its fast and vigorous growth habit, this rose produces clusters of pale pink, fragrant blossoms. Aloha - Short for a climbing rose, this variety usually tops out at 8 feet (2 m.) high, but it produces lots of apple scented blossoms that span 4 inches (10 cm.) across. Eden Climber - This rose has big, bushy blossoms that are mostly white with a deep pink color around the edges. Zephirine Drouhin - A thornless rose with deep pink, extremely fragrant blossoms, this plant thrives in the heat and will bloom multiple times in one season. Don Juan - This rose has very deep red flowers that have the classic romantic look that earns it its name. Iceberg Climbing - A very vigorous rose, this plant has delicately fragrant pure white blossoms that flower throughout the summer.

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