Zone 9 Flowering Trees: Growing Flowering Trees In Zone 9 Gardens

Large Red Flowering Tree
zone 9 flowering tree
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We grow trees for many reasons – to provide shade, to keep cooling costs down, to provide habitats for wildlife, to ensure a lush green landscape for future generations, or sometimes we just grow them because we think they are pretty. Common flowering trees can provide us with all these things. People often think of flowering trees as small, little, ornate patio type trees when, in fact, some flowering trees for zone 9 can get very large. Continue reading to learn more about trees that flower in zone 9.

Common Flowering Trees for Zone 9

Whether you’re looking for a quaint little ornamental tree or a large shade tree, there is a zone 9 flowering tree that can meet your needs. Another benefit of growing flowering trees in zone 9 is that with the warm climate you can select trees that bloom in any season. Some of the same trees that flower only for a short period in spring in northern climates can bloom throughout the winter and spring in zone 9. Magnolia trees have long been associated with the south and zone 9 is indeed a perfect region for them. Many varieties of magnolia trees grow very well in zone 9, as most are rated zone 5 to 10. Magnolias can range in size from 4 foot (1 m.) flowering shrubs to 80 foot (24 m.) shade trees. Popular varieties are:

Crepe myrtle is another warm-climate loving tree that has several varieties that grow very well in zone 9. Depending on variety, crepe myrtle can also be shrub size to large tree. Try these zone 9 varieties:

  • Muskogee
  • Dynamite
  • Pink Velour
  • Sioux

Other ornamental trees that flower in zone 9 include: Smaller types (10-15 feet tall/3-5 meters)

Medium to large zone 9 flowering trees (20-35 feet tall/6-11 meters)

  • Mimosa – Fast growing and attracts hummingbirds. Summer blooming.
  • Royal Poinciana – Fast growing and drought tolerant. Blooms spring through summer.
  • Jacaranda – Fast growing. Blue blooms in spring, excellent fall foliage.
  • Desert Willow – Medium growth rate. Fire and drought resistant. Spring and summer blooming.
  • Horse Chestnut –Spring blooms. Slow growing. Fire resistant.
  • Goldenrain tree – Blooms in summer and fall.
  • Chitalpa – Spring and summer blooms. Drought resistant.
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