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zone 9 succulents
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Zone 9 gardeners are fortunate when it comes to succulents. They can choose from either hardy varieties or so called "soft" specimens. Soft succulents grow in zone 9 and up while hardy succulents may survive in cold, northern zones. What succulents grow well in zone 9? Continue reading for some suggestions and specifications.

Growing Succulents in Zone 9

Succulents are adaptable charmers with quirky appeal and ease of care. Growing succulents in zone 9 is an excellent way to capture a desert feel in your own landscape. Zone 9 succulents might be dainty little sedum all the way up to giant aggressive looking agave. There are so many forms and colors from which to choose you may want one of each! Most succulents like a full sun environment but many can thrive in partial sun locations. The soft succulents are adapted to plenty of light and hot temperatures and cannot survive any freezing activity. Hardy succulents also like plenty of light but may perform better if in an area where they have protection from the searing sun of midday. In zone 9, the lowest temperatures of the year could get to 20 degrees F. (-7 C). That means soft succulents will probably need to be moved indoors in winter, which is fine since succulents make great houseplants too. Succulent gardens in zone 9 should concentrate on hardy in-ground plants that can survive such cold temperatures.

Container Succulents for Zone 9

By creating a dish garden or container display, you won't have to worry about your plants surviving any surprise chill weather. Keep displays outdoors in spring through fall and then bring them indoors for winter. Some of the sedums are considered tender and there are sweet rosette forms that cascade from the edges of a container to stout, large leaves specimens that will create a focal point for the dish garden. Aloe makes excellent zone 9 succulents which perform well indoors or out while providing your family with burn-healing sap. Other soft succulents for zone 9 might include:

Hardy Succulents for Zone 9

Succulent gardens in zone 9 can rely upon containerized soft plants in the warm season but also in-ground hardy varieties. Most of us recognize the sweet hens and chicks, plants that expand over time by adding pups. Stonecrops are a hardy variety of sedum and can be small or many inches high with year-round appeal. Ice plants have a lovely, brightly colored flower and will sprawl cheerfully over rocks. Some more fun options:

Once you've chosen your plant selections, remember to make sure they are installed in a well-draining soil. In spite of the plant's reputation as drought tolerant, succulents do need consistent water. You can really tell when a plump leaf takes on the appearance of your fingertips after a long bath. That means the plant needs a good long drink and more frequent watering.

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