Duct Tape Garden Hacks: Learn About Gardening With Duct Tape

Roll Of Duct Tape
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Duct tape has evolved from a steel-gray roll of adhesive fabric used by HVAC installers to a staple in our craft rooms and tool sheds. Available in a wide array of colors, patterns, roll sizes and sheets, its bonding power makes it easy to find creative uses for duct tape. This once utilitarian product has made its way into our homes, our gardens and, of course, our hearts.

Gardening with Duct Tape

What can gardeners do with duct tape? Outdoor uses of it are ideal due to this product's durability and waterproof properties. For just a few bucks, gardeners can brighten up the yard, garden and patio. They can make unique, homemade gifts for family and friends. There are thousands of creative uses for duct tape. Let's look at a few ways to use duct tape in the garden and around the house:

  • Brighten up those old, faded plastic pots – Duct tape doesn't stick well to dirty surfaces, so be sure to thoroughly wash plastic planters first. Then get creative! Use duct tape sheets to cover larger surfaces, and rolls for trimming around the top or bottom of the pot. Buy printed patterns to coordinate with patio furniture or make a one-of-a-kind vertical garden by stacking the repurposed planters.
  • Make kid-friendly garden tools – Reward your kids for helping with garden and lawn chores by giving them their own special tools. Find your child's favorite cartoon or video game character duct tape and wrap the handles of their shovel, rake or broom. They may even find gardening with duct tape tools to be fun!
  • Recycle a juice jug – Why buy a new watering can when you can make one from an old gallon-sized container? Simply raid the recycle bin for a large container with an easy-to-hold handle. Decorate your find with duct tape for that special one-of-a-kind watering can. It's ideal for on-the-go gardeners using shared gardening space or for your next gardening club's community service project.
  • Light up the patio with homemade lanterns – Decorate small water bottles or milk cartons with duct tape. Poke holes for the light to escape, then use as covers for a string of LED lights. (LED lights stay cool so the lanterns won't catch fire.) Select duct tape featuring your favorite licensed sports team for your next BBQ or tailgating party.
  • Create your own metallic garden signs – Use the shiny foil-type duct tape to make beautifully embossed garden signs. Place inspirational sayings on signs made from foil duct tape in the garden or add your house number to the front flower bed.

Duct Tape Garden Hacks

Expressing creativity is not the only reason to pick up a roll of duct tape. Outdoor uses can also have practical applications. Try these quick and inexpensive duct tape garden hacks:

  • Mend an old hose.
  • Repair a cracked handle on a tool.
  • Make waterproof garden shoes by covering old sneakers or canvas slip-on shoes with duct tape.
  • Fix small tears in a tent, fabric gazebo or hammock.
  • Prevent blisters on your hands by wrapping a piece of duct tape around your palms.
  • Assemble makeshift knee pads with a little duct tape and sponges.
  • Protect saplings by wrapping their trunks with bubble wrap. Use duct tape to secure it.
  • Hang pieces of duct tape to catch flies or other annoying insects.
  • Use it to remove burrs and sticky seeds from clothing.

Whatever ways you find for using duct tape in the garden, you can be sure that keeping a roll handy will prove beneficial.

Laura Miller

Laura Miller has been gardening all her life. Holding a degree in Biology, Nutrition, and Agriculture, Laura's area of expertise is vegetables, herbs, and all things edible. She lives in Ohio.