Green Collar Job Info – What Does A Green Collar Worker Do

Green Collar Gardeners In The Garden
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While most gardeners grow within their yards recreationally, many probably wish that working with plants was a full time job. In recent years, an emerging trend in “green jobs” has brought this notion to the forefront of the minds of many. Also known as the green collar job industry, available work relating to maintaining gardens and landscapes has grown exponentially. However, many green collars may not be as obvious. Exploring available green collar job info is a great way to help determine if this type of job is right for you. 

What Are Green Collar Jobs?

Frequently, jobs are referred to by the type of work which is done. Green collar jobs refer to any job that is related to managing, maintaining, preserving, and/or improving the environment. Alas, a green thumb is not the only requirement to find work within this field. As our focus on sustaining a healthy planet continues to grow, so too, do the opportunities within the green collar job industry. Many green collar job options relate directly to the impact which we have on the planet through energy production, waste management, and construction. 

What Does a Green Collar Worker Do?

Green collar job info will vary from one source to another. Labor intensive jobs such as landscaping, lawn mowing, and tree trimming all fall within the realm of green jobs. These jobs are ideal for those who enjoy working outdoors and who appreciate the rewards of careers which require physical strength. 

Other green collar jobs may be found on farms and ranches. These jobs are especially beneficial, as they create more job opportunities in rural regions. Work in greenhouses or growing fruits and vegetables are just a few examples of rewarding jobs within the green collar industry that may be well suited to those who desire to learn more about plants and sustainability. 

Green collar jobs also include those which require more education and specified training. Popular jobs within the industry include ecologists, environmental engineers, and researchers. Those holding these positions are often active within the field, which includes the performance of various tests as well as the implementation of strategic plans in which the overall health of green spaces may be maintained.

Many careers which do not have direct ties to the outdoors may also be considered to be green collar jobs. Eco-friendly construction companies, those who process waste, as well as anyone who helps to maintain the quality of our natural resources all have a vested interest in the environment. There is no doubt that green jobs play a vitally important role in our lives.

Tonya Barnett

Tonya Barnett has been gardening for 13 years. Flowers are her passion. She has transformed her backyard into a cut flower garden, which she regularly chronicles on her YouTube channel