Enjoying Nature In Isolation: Things To Do During Quarantine

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Cabin fever is real and may never be more evident than during this quarantine period brought on by the coronavirus. There’s only so much Netflix anyone can watch, which is why it’s important to find other things to do during quarantine.

While there are many ways to beat cabin fever, with the rule to keep six feet between us, the list starts getting smaller. One way to adhere to the six-foot mandate and stay sane is by interacting with nature on the small scale. I don’t mean you should be going to a National Park and hiking (some are closed anyway) but, instead, try growing some plants to beat those quarantine blues.

Ways to Beat Cabin Fever

Many people are working from home and the terms ‘social distancing’ and ‘shelter in place’ are no longer abstract which has many people, even a self-described introvert like myself, desperate for human contact and, frankly, bored out of their gourds.

How do we combat these feelings of solitude and boredom? Social media or face-timing are ways to interact with our friends and families, but we need to get outside and stay sane with nature too. Enjoying nature in isolation gives a positive mental and even physical boost and can help to beat those quarantine blues.

Walking, running and biking are all ways to enjoy nature in isolation as long as you can maintain your distance from other people. In some areas, population density is such that this becomes an impossibility, which means doing so can actually put other people at risk.

What can you do to maintain your distance and adhere to the quarantine without going nuts? Get planting.

Plants for Quarantine Blues

Since this is all happening at the beginning of spring, temperatures are warming up in most areas and it’s time to get out into the garden. If you haven’t already, now is a great time to start your veggie and flower seeds, either indoors or out. It’s also a good time to clean up any winter detritus, prune perennials and trees that are still dormant, build paths or garden beds, and other gardening chores.

Now is a great time to add some raised beds to the landscape or create a new bed for roses, succulents, native plants or an English cottage garden.

Other ways to beat cabin fever by growing plants is to add some easy-care houseplants, make a succulent wreath for hanging, make a terrarium, or plant colorful annuals and summer bulbs in containers.

Stay Sane with Nature

Many cities have extensive green spaces where that six-foot between people can be adhered to. These areas are a real treasure to both kids and adults. They make great respites from being indoors and allow kids to observe bugs and birds while engaging in fun activities, like a nature treasure hunt.

Farther afield, a short road trip away, there may be a road less traveled that leads to your personal Shangri-La, a place fairly devoid of people to hike and explore. For those who live near the coast, the beach and sea hold unparalleled adventures sure to beat anyone’s cabin fever.

At this juncture, enjoying the great outdoors is a safe way to beat those quarantine blues provided we all follow the rules. Practice social distancing and stay at least six feet away from others to minimize the spread of this virus.

Amy Grant

Amy Grant has been gardening for 30 years and writing for 15. A professional chef and caterer, Amy's area of expertise is culinary gardening.