Air Plant Holder Ideas: Make An Air Plant Mount

Tillandsia Plants in DIY Air Plant Holders in Garden
air plant holders
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Also known as air plants, tillandsia plants are extremely popular due to their unique form, shape, and growth habit. Ideally grown indoors as a houseplant, air plants require little attention or care from gardeners. This makes them an ideal gift for beginning growers or those who have a habit of neglecting potted plants.

Since a majority of the plant’s nutrients comes directly from the air around them, air plants are frequently used in hanging arrangements or in decorative planters. Exploring air plant holder ideas can help growers to determine how to best display their air plants. For many creatives, the process of designing and making their own air plant hanger is both exciting and rewarding. 

DIY Air Plant Holder

The creation of a DIY air plant holder is an easy way to arrange air plants in a way which is consistent with a home’s existing décor. Though methods vary, air plants are frequently arranged on shelves or placed within mounted frames.

Air plant hanging containers are the most popular type of holder among growers, as they add great interest and visual appeal to less used corners and spaces of the home. Each of these air plant holder ideas can be made with the use of a few simple materials found at home improvement stores or hobby shops.

Air Plant Holder Ideas

Those wishing to make an air plant mount will first need to construct a sturdy base. Mounted air plant holders are often made of natural materials such as wood or other upcycled goods. Found metal objects, like chicken wire or old coat racks, may be ideal for more ingenious growers who wish to mount plants to the wall in an interesting way.

Regardless of the details, wall mounted air plant hangers should always be safely secured to prevent damage to the plant or harm to the grower, should it fall.

When it comes to growing an air plant, hanging options are only limited by the imagination. So, too, are the options for construction and design of the air plant hangers. These unusual types of suspended holders range in size, color, and material from which they are made. Plant hangers made from natural, organic fabric or fibers help to create an aesthetic that is youthful and bohemian.

Other materials with straight line shapes may offer a more industrial and modern vibe. Like mounted holders, it will be essential to ensure that all hangers and plants have been placed safely and securely in their growing location.

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