DIY Mushroom Art With Vases In Garden
dishware mushrooms scaled
(Image credit: Liz Baessler via Gardening Know How)

Love them or hate them, it is not uncommon to see mushrooms springing up in yards, flower beds, or even on the sides of trees. Though several species of mushroom are toxic, other types are prized for their culinary use. It is no surprise that many avid admirers of these fungi have started using the likeness of mushrooms in a wide variety of craft projects

Exploring mushroom craft ideas is one way to determine whether or not these quirky art projects are the right fit for you.

Mushroom Craft Ideas

Before exploring DIY mushroom art, it is important to note that these projects do not actually use real mushrooms in any capacity. Due to the nature of the mushrooms themselves, this simply is not possible. That does not mean, however, that all inspiration is lost. 

With minimal materials and a little creativity, gardeners can add quite a bit of fun and enchantment to even the most boring of growing spaces. Among the most popular of these projects is glass mushroom décor. In addition to adding a unique flair to the garden space, their construction could not be simpler.

How to Make Dishware Mushrooms

Dishware mushrooms for the purpose of garden décor are made from old, unwanted dishes. These items are most often found at yard sales and thrift shops. This DIY mushroom art project will require both vases and bowls. Once the materials have been gathered, the creation of these “garden mushrooms” will require only two steps. 

To begin creating your own dishware mushrooms, place a tall vase on a table. Next, cover the lip of the vase with a generous amount of a glue specifically designed for use with glass or china. Gently place the bowl upside down on top of the vase, forming the mushroom shape. Allow the project to dry overnight or until the glue has set. It is possible to create these dishware mushrooms without glue, though it is not recommended. 

Once the glass mushroom décor has set, it is ready to be moved. Decorative garden mushrooms can be used indoors or outdoors. Since it can be quite fragile, it will be important to situate the dishware mushrooms so that they are not knocked over or broken. Weekly cleaning will also be required to help keep mushroom décor looking its best after being exposed to the elements.

Never leave glassware outdoors under cold, freezing, or otherwise extreme conditions, as this may cause them to shatter.

Tonya Barnett

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