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DIY Rainboot Planters On A Wall
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You don’t need to be an experienced gardener or a seasoned professional to enjoy garden projects. In fact, many DIY garden ideas are perfect for newbies. Read on for easy DIY projects for beginner gardeners.

DIY Garden Ideas for Hanging Gardens 

To make a hanging garden, attach old rain gutters to a fence or wall, then plant the gutters with herbs, succulents, or small annuals. Be sure to drill drainage holes in the gutters before planting. 

Use a drill or nail to make holes in clean paint cans or coffee cans, then decorate the cans with bright spray paint. Attach the cans to a fence with screws. Fill the cans about two-thirds full of potting mix and they’re ready to be filled with plants. 

Attach chicken wire to a frame then lean the frame on a wall or fence or hang it from sturdy posts. Fill terracotta pots with potting mix and use wire to hang them from the chicken wire. Alternatively, use wooden or plastic lattice instead of wire. 

Paint an old ladder, or leave it as-is, for a rustic appearance. Stack pots on the rungs or attach hooks for small hanging baskets.

Simple Walkway Garden Projects

Tear down a pallet or use other reclaimed wood to create a simple wooden walkway. Create a level surface first, then wiggle the wood into place. Walk on the boards to test the stability and add more soil if necessary. If you treat the wood first, it will last longer. Also, keep in mind that wood gets slippery when its wet or frosty. 

Mulch and gravel can be used to create simple walkways. Both are more affordable if you buy in bulk and have it delivered, but keep in mind that mulch needs to be replaced as it decomposes or blows away. Remove the sod first, then cover the area with landscape fabric. Inexpensive edging will keep the gravel or mulch in place.

Bird Bath DIY Ideas for the Garden

Large terracotta saucers, round serving trays, shallow bowls, glass lids from old fryers, or clean garbage can lids make great birdbaths. An interesting rock in the center will give visiting birds a place to perch and will hold the birdbath in place on the pedestal. 

If you have bricks, stack them into a pillar to create a pedestal for your birdbath. You can also use chains to hang the birdbath from a sturdy branch.

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