DIY Pumpkin Centerpiece: Crafting Pumpkin Centerpieces For Fall

Pumpkin And Squash Centerpiece On Dinner Table
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Summer is over and fall is in the air. Mornings are crisp and the days are getting shorter. Fall is an ideal time to create a homemade pumpkin centerpiece that can grace your table from now until Thanksgiving. The traditional orange squash is versatile, so unleash your creativity and have fun creating a DIY pumpkin centerpiece for fall. Here are a few easy pumpkin centerpiece ideas to get you started.

How to Make a Pumpkin Centerpiece

Ideas for pumpkin centerpieces are nearly endless. For instance, slice the top off the pumpkin, scoop out the seeds and pulp, and replace the “innards” with floral foam. Fill the pumpkin “vase” with fall flowers or colorful autumn foliage. Alternatively, fill a hollow pumpkin with potting mix for cacti and succulents and then plant it with a few hens and chicks, sedum, or other small succulents.

A large pumpkin can be surrounded by miniature pumpkins or gourds to create a centerpiece for a large table. Small winter squash, gourds, or mini pumpkins are ideal centerpieces for a small table or for filling in the space around a larger pumpkin.

To make a simple but impressive centerpiece on a long table, begin with a fall table runner or a length of autumn-colored fabric and then arrange pumpkins and natural elements along the entire length of the table. 

  • Natural elements: Set your pumpkin on a bed of fern leaves, fall foliage, vines, or whatever is growing in your neck of the woods. One simple idea is to place a larger pumpkin on a round or rectangular tray or a raised cake stand and then surround it with dried flowers, leaves, pinecones, acorns, or walnuts.
  • A word about color: Homemade pumpkin centerpieces don’t have to be orange. Feel free to paint the pumpkins white, red, blue, or whatever non-traditional color strikes your fancy or use stencils and spray paint to create interesting shapes on your pumpkins. If you’re feeling festive, use metallic paint or sprinkle the pumpkins lightly with glitter.

Tips on DIY Pumpkin Centerpieces

A single pumpkin may be all you need for a small table or a kid’s table. Just place the pumpkin on a plate and tuck in natural elements of your choice. Candles add style and elegance to your DIY pumpkin centerpiece, but use candles with care and don’t leave lighted candles unattended, especially if you’re using dry leaves or other flammable materials.

Consider height when creating your homemade pumpkin centerpiece. Be sure guests can see one another across the table and that dishes can easily be passed from person to person. Don’t limit yourself to traditional natural elements. For instance, feel free to embellish your homemade pumpkin centerpiece with fern fronds, grapevines, or honeysuckle vines.

It’s perfectly okay to use “faux” pumpkins or artificial foliage in pumpkin centerpieces for fall. A drop of hot glue here and there will help hold your DIY pumpkin centerpiece together.

Mary H. Dyer

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