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handmade gift for gardener
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Are you looking for gardening gifts for that special someone but are tired of run-of-the-mill gift baskets with seeds, gardening gloves, and tools? Would you like to make your own gift for a gardener but don't have any inspirational ideas? Look no further. Here are idea starters for crafting handmade presents for gardeners.

DIY Gifts for Gardeners

  • Bird nesting house – Built out of wood, a bird nesting box helps attract songbirds to the backyard. These musical gardening gifts are suitable for bird loving gardeners of all ages.
  • Bird seed wreath – Whip up a batch of your favorite sticky birdseed recipe, but instead of stuffing a pinecone, form wreath shapes. Complete the project by attaching a loop of ribbon for hanging these self-contained bird feeders.
  • Bug hotel or butterfly house – With modest carpentry skills, bug sanctuaries are ideal gifts for attracting more pollinators and beneficial insects to the garden.
  • Garden apron, tool belt, or smock – Sew your own garden apron from floral printed fabric or purchase muslin versions and leaf-print with a garden design. These practical handmade presents for gardeners are ideal for members of your gardening club or community garden.
  • Gardener's soap or hand scrub – Crafted from fragrant garden plants, homemade soaps and scrubs are well-received gifts. Make a jar for yourself and give one to a friend.
  • Garden station – Repurpose a garage sale microwave cart into a handy garden station for the plant lover in your life. Sealed with outdoor paint, an upcycled kitchen cart is ideal for storing planters, plant markers, hand tools, and bags of potting soil.
  • Glove hanger – Put an end to searching for a matching set of garden gloves with this simple handmade present for gardeners. Make this easy craft project by gluing four to six wooden clothespins to an artistically decorated piece of wood.
  • Kneeling cushion – Sew and stuff a kneeling cushion for an inexpensive way to make your own gift for a gardener. Choose a durable fabric as you can be sure this gift will be well used.
  • Plant markers – From hand painted wooden sticks to engraved antique spoons, plant markers make practical gardening gifts for all plant growers.
  • Planters – A homemade or decorated planter is the quintessential handmade present for gardeners. From decorated terracotta pots to an elaborate raised planter greenhouse, all gardeners can benefit from having more gardening space.
  • Seed balls – Clay-bound seed bombs are a fun way to distribute wildflowers and native plants. Simple enough for children to make, these DIY gifts for gardeners are a perfect classroom craft activity.
  • Seeder – Ease the backbreaking job of sowing seed with a homemade garden seeder for your favorite vegetable grower. Made from metal or plastic pipe, this simple gift keeps giving for years to come.
  • Seed tape – With a roll of toilet paper and a few packs of your recipient’s favorite flowers and veggies, you can craft this time-saving seed tape gift which is sure to be appreciated by any busy gardener.
  • SteppingstonesHomemade steppingstones imprinted with a child's hand or footprint make wonderful gardening gifts for a plant-loving grandparent. Make one for each grandchild and lay a path through the rose garden.
Laura Miller

Laura Miller has been gardening all her life. Holding a degree in Biology, Nutrition, and Agriculture, Laura's area of expertise is vegetables, herbs, and all things edible. She lives in Ohio.