Information About Cuttings

Although the specifics of propagating plants from cuttings vary somewhat depending on the plant, the basic technique doesn’t involve a lot of advanced knowledge or expensive equipment. The best part is that by taking cuttings from healthy, mature plants, you can multiply your favorites. The information below will provide more specific information on propagating new plants by taking cuttings.

Natural Rooting Methods – Organic Rooting Options For Cuttings

Rooting is a good way to propagate plants. Their success can be greatly increased by the aid of a rooting hormone. There are plenty of organic ways of making your own rooting hormone and this article will help.

What Are Root Cuttings: Information On Taking Cuttings From Root Growth

Propagating plants from root cuttings is unfamiliar to many gardeners, so they hesitate to try it. It isn’t hard, but there are a few things you need to know. This article explains the basics of starting plants from root cuttings.

Keeping A Mother Plant: Using Stock Plants For Propagation

Managing stock plants gives you a ready and healthy supply of new clones to share or just keep for yourself. Use this article to get information on stock plants for propagation.

Honey As A Root Hormone: How To Root Cuttings With Honey

Did you know that honey may contain enzymes for promoting root growth in plants? It’s true. Many people have found success with using honey to root cuttings. Read here to learn more.

Root Stimulating Hormone: How To Use Rooting Hormones For Plant Cuttings

Popular ways to make new plants is from root cuttings, stem cutting and leaf cuttings—oftentimes using a root hormone. So what is rooting hormone? Read here to find out this answer and more.