Information About Grafting

Rootstock Information – Why Do We Use Rootstock For Trees

Many fruit trees planted by seed can take three to eight years to start producing fruit. For this reason, many gardeners choose to purchase fruiting trees that are grafted on already established rootstock. What is rootstock? Find out in this article.

Multiple Grafted Citrus Trees: Growing A Mixed Graft Fruit Tree

There’s nothing quite like picking and eating fruit from your very own tree. But it can be hard to choose just one. Thanks to grafting, you can have as many fruits as you want, all on the same tree. Learn more about growing a mixed graft citrus tree in this article.

Tree Budding Info: What Is Budding Propagation

What is budding propagation? Propagation by budding is a pretty common method of plant propagation, in which a plant bud is grafted onto the stem of a rootstock plant. You can learn more about this method of plant propagation in this article.

Taping And Splice Grafting Broken Plants: How To Reattach Broken Stems

There are few things more crushing than discovering your prize vine or tree has broken a stem or branch. Can you reattach a severed plant stem? Fixing injured plants is possible, and this article will help.