Easy To Grow Flower Seeds: The Best Starter Flower Seeds For New Gardeners

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Like any new hobby, learning to garden requires patience and a bit of trial and error. Though some types of plants are more difficult to grow than others, novice growers can ensure that they have the best chance of success with minimal advanced planning. Selecting beginner flower seeds is key in learning more about growing your own garden, as well as in the creation of a beautiful outdoor space. 

Best Flower Seeds to Start With

When beginning to garden, planning a new growing season can feel quite exciting. With so many available options, it can be easy to overestimate your own abilities. It is for this reason that many gardeners suggest starting small, with only a few different varieties of easy to grow flowers seeds. Flower seeds for beginners most frequently refer to those which are easy to handle, germinate readily with little attention, and those that do not require frequent care from the grower after planting. While these may sound like limiting factors, choices of flower seeds are actually quite abundant. 

Among the best flower seeds to start with are annuals. Annuals are types of plants that grow, flower, and produce seeds all within the same season. Many perennial flowering plants can also be grown from seed, but may need more advanced skill to be successful. Growing flower seeds for beginners is an excellent way to get children involved in outdoor learning experiences and help to nurture an interest in the outdoors. 

Easy to Grow Flower Seeds

  • AmaranthAmaranth are prized for their unique, colorful foliage and large seed heads. Large plantings offer growers a beautiful summer display which lasts into fall. 
  • CelosiaVarious types of celosia are great starter flower seeds for those looking for ornamental options which offer dynamic visual interest. Odd, crested flowers and plumes in a wide range of bright colors make these plants highly appealing in the landscape. 
  • CosmosMany easy to grow flower seeds, like cosmos, can be directly sown into prepared garden beds. Cosmos flowers are most commonly offered in bright orange or shades of white, pink, and purple. 
  • MarigoldsMarigolds are exceptionally popular among vegetable gardeners who wish to implement companion planting techniques. Marigolds are frequently referred to as the best beginner flower seeds to start with tomatoes. 
  • SunflowersSunflowers are a fun plant to grow, regardless of garden size. From small dwarf varieties to those which are exceptionally tall, bright and vibrant sunflower blooms are a quintessential plant of summer. 
  • ZinniasZinnia seed comes in a wide range of colors. These plants are especially attractive to bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds. This makes them ideal for growers who wish to attract pollinators to their yard space. 
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