Plant Pot Gifts: Tips And Ideas For Grow Kit Gifts

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A perfect winter gift for anyone who appreciates plants is a potted flower or another plant. Mini gift pots and grow kit gifts aren’t just for gardeners. Anyone will enjoy a little greenery or some flowers when everything outdoors has gone dormant or been covered in snow. Try these ideas to brighten someone’s birthday or holiday, or just because.

What are Growing Pot Kits?

A quick search online or a trip to your local garden center will turn up these mini gift pots. They come with everything needed to grow a flower or houseplant, a small pot full of soil with seeds, and instructions.

Flowerpots as gifts with plants already growing are great, but it’s a fun project to start something indoors, especially in winter. People love these gifts, and they work well for advanced gardeners and beginners. Some of the variety of plant kits you’ll find include:

Making Plant Pot Gifts

One way to gift plants is by making your own grow kits for friends to enjoy. Sure, you can buy them, but making gift kits is a fun winter gardening project. Take inspiration from those available for sale and make your own. All you need is a container, potting soil, seeds, and care instructions. Decorate for bonus points. Here are some ideas:

Beware of Allergic Plant Pot Gifts

When giving a thoughtful gift, the last thing you want to do is trigger someone’s allergies. If you know the recipient well, this shouldn’t be an issue. When bringing a plant as a hostess gift or for a co-worker whose allergies you don’t know, take care. Here are some typical houseplants to avoid because they tend to trigger allergies:

African violets can be problematic for anyone with a dust allergy. The soft, furry leaves collect dust. Keep these tips and ideas in mind and you’ll be the hit of the holidays, bringing cheer, greenery, and growth.

Mary Ellen Ellis

Mary Ellen Ellis has been gardening for over 20 years. With degrees in Chemistry and Biology, Mary Ellen's specialties are flowers, native plants, and herbs.