Mushroom Log Kit – Tips For Growing A Mushroom Log

Mushrooms Growing On A Wooden Log
mushroom log
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Gardeners grow a lot of things, but they rarely tackle mushrooms. For the gardener, or food and fungi lover in your life who has everything else, gift a mushroom log kit. These DIY mushroom logs are just what they sound like: an easy way to grow your own edible fungi.

Growing Mushroom Logs Indoors

Most people get mushrooms from the grocery store or farmers’ market. Some knowledgeable and intrepid adventurers brave the outdoors to forage for mushrooms. Foraging presents some obvious risks if you are not trained to distinguish between edible and toxic fungi. While buying mushrooms is safe, it’s not as fun for some as finding them.

What’s the obvious happy medium? Growing a mushroom log, of course. If you didn’t realize this was possible, a quick online search shows you all the options and how easy it is. These kits make unique gifts, both for others and for yourself.

Mushroom Log Gift – How it Works

This is a great gift idea for a gardener friend or that DIY family member who loves to cook. Once you see it for yourself, you’ll probably want your own mushroom log. These logs allow you to grow oyster, shiitake, chicken of the woods, lion’s mane, and other edible mushroom varieties.

Companies selling these kits forage for logs and inoculate them with organic, edible mushroom spores. You can buy a kit for most types of mushroom. These are the easiest types to use. You receive the prepared log, soak it in water, and then leave it in a cool dark place until the mushrooms grow. The log will need to be moistened occasionally.

Other kit companies sell the ingredients needed to sow your own mushrooms. They provide the plugs to put in a log and other materials. You find the log in your yard and grow the mushrooms outside.

This is a great gift idea for anyone who enjoys DIY projects and growing their own food. For the gardener you think has everything, a mushroom log kit is a welcome and pleasant surprise.

Mary Ellen Ellis

Mary Ellen Ellis has been gardening for over 20 years. With degrees in Chemistry and Biology, Mary Ellen's specialties are flowers, native plants, and herbs.