Black Friday Deals – Shopping For Offseason Gardening Bargains

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The end of the gardening season can be a tough time for those of us who love digging in the dirt. With winter right around the corner, there’s not much left to do in the garden. It’s a little sad, but the good thing about this time of year is Black Friday for gardeners. Enjoy the end-of-season sales and stock up for next year while saving money.

Offseason Gardening Bargains Include Plants

Once the fall stock hits the shelves – think hardy mums – gardening stores and nurseries will begin marking down the summer stock. This means you have a last chance this season to get a great deal on a pricier kind of plant for the garden, like a new tree or shrub. The longer you wait, the lower the prices will get, and there is usually room for negotiation.

Although it’s fall, there is still time to get perennials, trees, and shrubs in the ground. In fact, for many perennials, fall is a better time to plant. This gives them time to get established without the stress of summer sun and heat. You won’t have long to enjoy them now unless you plant strictly fall flowering plants, but they’ll be healthy and vibrant come spring.

Black Friday Deals on Garden Supplies

The end of summer signals more than just discounts on summer plants. This is also the time of year when your local nursery will mark down the supplies and gardening tools you don’t need now, but will next year.

Stock up on discounted bags of fertilizer, mulch, potting soil, and specialty plant foods. You can store them in the garage or garden shed and they’ll be good next spring as long as you don’t let moisture or critters get in the bags.

Use end-of-season garden sales to replace old tools or to try new ones. Get a new pair of gardening gloves for next year, or splurge on a discounted edging tool or pruning shears. With lower prices now, you can get higher-end items for less.

Don’t restrict your sales shopping to the local nursery or garden center. Hardware and DIY stores need to clear up space for Christmas items, so look for discounted soil, mulch, and tools as well as patio furniture, pots, and pavers. Large grocery stores with garden centers are the same. They’ll also be clearing out summer gardening shelves.

And don’t forget the gardeners on your Christmas list – this is a great time to find the perfect gift for them too!

Mary Ellen Ellis

Mary Ellen Ellis has been gardening for over 20 years. With degrees in Chemistry and Biology, Mary Ellen's specialties are flowers, native plants, and herbs.