Information About Gardening Tools

Garden Hose Information: Learn About Using Hoses In The Garden

While not exactly the most fascinating subject in gardening to read about, hoses are a necessity to all gardeners. Hoses are tools and, as with any task, it is important to select the proper tool for the job. Learn about different types of garden hoses here.

What Is A Hand Pruner: Different Types Of Hand Pruners For Gardening

It’s not surprising that sorting through the many different types of hand pruners can be mind-boggling, but it’s important to choose the best tool for the job. Knowing when to use them and using appropriate pruners makes the job easier. Learn more here.

Garden Trowel Information: What Is A Trowel Used For In Gardening

I have had the same favorite garden trowel for about ten years now. It is one of my most prized possessions. So what is a trowel and why is it an essential tool for every gardener to own? Click on this article for garden trowel information.

What Are Garden Scissors Used For – Learn How To Use Scissors In The Garden

There are many uses for garden scissors vs. pruning shears. What are garden scissors used for specifically? Use the information found in this article to find out how to use scissors in the garden. Click here to learn more.

What Is A Long Handled Shovel: Garden Uses For Long Handled Shovels

The uses for long-handled shovels are many and both your garden and your back will thank you. What is a long handled shovel? When to use long handles shovels? If you are unclear about where to stand on the long vs. short handled shovel debate, click here.

Gardening Tools For Beginners: Tips On Choosing Tools For The Garden

Learning how to choose the right garden tools can spare you a lot of pain and money. Some tips and information about grips, handle lengths, and attachments can help you get the most for your dollar. This article will help with that.

Hand Rakes And Uses – When To Use A Hand Rake In The Garden

Hand rakes for the garden come in two basic designs and can make many gardening tasks more efficient and effective. This article will explain when to use a hand rake and what type will work best for each situation. Click here to learn more.

Do I Need A Bulb Planter: Learn About Using Bulb Planters In The Garden

A bulb planter is a foolproof way of getting the depth correct. Using bulb planters can take the guesswork out of planting bulbs and make the process much quicker. This means your color display will take half the time but be just as beautiful. Learn more in this article.

Essential Japanese Garden Tools: Different Types Of Japanese Tools For Gardening

What are Japanese gardening tools? Beautifully made and carefully crafted with great skill, traditional Japanese garden tools are practical, long-lasting tools for serious gardeners. Learn more about choosing and using Japanese garden tools in this article.

Different Types Of Watering Cans – Choosing Watering Cans For Gardens

Just as many of us have a favorite pair of pants or a special way to fold towels, there are also preferred watering cans among the knowledgeable gardening set. Different types of watering cans can fulfill specific roles in the home and the landscape. Learn more here.

What Is A Garden Knife: Learn About Garden Knife Uses

Every avid gardener has his or hers favorite garden tool. Mine is the hori hori garden knife. Garden knife uses are many. Want to learn more about gardening knives? Click here to find out when and how to use a garden knife.

Help, My Garden Tools Are Rusted: How To Clean Rusty Garden Tools

After a long season of garden projects and chores, sometimes we forget to give our tools a good cleaning and proper storage. When we return to our garden sheds in spring, we find some of our favorite garden tools are rusted. Learn how to clean rusty garden tools here.

Winter Garden Tool Storage: How To Clean Garden Tools For Winter

When cold weather is coming and your garden is winding down, a good question arises: What will become of all your garden tools? Learn about winter garden tool maintenance and how to clean garden tools for winter in this article.

What Are Cloches And Bell Jars: How To Use Cloches In Gardens

Bell jars and cloches are invaluable objects for the gardener. What are cloches and bell jars? This article will help answer that as well as how to use them in the garden. Click here for more information.

Must Have Gardening Tools – Learn About Common Garden Tools And Equipment

If you’re in the market for garden tools, one stroll through the tool section of any garden center or hardware store can make your head spin. What kind of garden tools and equipment do you need, and what are the best tools for garden and lawn? Find out here.