How To Care For Ming Aralia Houseplants

Light And Dark Green Ming Aralia Plants
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Why the Ming Aralia (Polyscias fruticosa) ever fell out of favor as a houseplant is beyond me. This plant is one of the easiest and loveliest houseplants available. With a little care and know how, Ming Aralia can bring green to your indoors.

How to Care for Ming Aralia Houseplants

Like most houseplants, Ming Aralia is a tropical plant, meaning it cannot survive temps below 50 degrees F. (10 C.). In warmer climates, Ming Aralia makes an excellent outdoor shrub.

One important thing to keep in mind when growing Ming Aralia indoors is that it must be kept constantly moist. Even in the winter, when most houseplants need a reduction in the amount of water they receive, this plant’s soil should still be kept consistently moist (but not wet). Other than that one small detail, your Ming Aralia should require little upkeep.

Ming Aralia can grow to be 6 to 7 feet (2 m.) tall if properly cared for in an indoor environment, and is prone to grow up rather than out. For this reason, you may want to occasionally prune this plant. If possible, prune your Ming Aralia in the cooler months, as this is when the plant’s growth is reduced and the pruning will cause less damage to the plant. Controlled pruning of this plant can actually produce some pretty stunning results. Due to the naturally crooked growth of this plant, the lower stems can be trained into some interesting showpieces.

These plants also make nice bonsai specimens, but even when not used in this fashion they can add a certain Asian flair to a room.

Ming Aralia needs medium, indirect light in an indoor environment. Make sure that the plant gets enough sunlight from a north or east-facing window or a plant lamp.

If you wish to propagate this plant, all you need to do is take a cutting and place it in some damp soil. Keep the soil damp and the cutting should root in just a few weeks. For added chance of rooting success, place the pot and cutting in a plastic bag.

Ming Aralia is certainly a plant that will make a splash in your house. The fine cut leaves and the interesting trunks make this a great addition to any indoor garden.

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