Are All Plants Good Presents – Things To Consider When Gifting Plants

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One of the nicest and longest lasting gifts is a plant. Plants add natural beauty, go with everything, and even help clean the air. Not all plants are appropriate for everyone, however. Plant gift giving etiquette should consider the receiver’s care ability, mature size, possible allergies, pet and child toxicity, and more. Some plants can be an absolute nightmare, which is what you want to avoid when giving plants as presents.

We'll go over some plant gift considerations so you don't accidently make a blunder you’ll regret.

Are All Plants Good Presents?

Plants are a classic gift and appropriate for many occasions. Whether it's a birthday, anniversary, graduation, or even in sympathy, plants are an appreciated gift. There are things to consider when gifting plants though, such as size, ease of care, etc. You don't want to give someone a burden or a plant that could make someone sick.

Even a plant nut might get a little irked by a plant that grows taller than their ceiling or produces blooms with such intense smell that constant sneezing is the result. You need to know your audience and where the plant will grow and if there are any potential issues.

The first consideration is where the plant will reside. If the person is in the hospital, he or she may not be allowed to have certain plants in the room. Also, when discharged, it is one more thing to carry away.

Houseplant needs must also be considered. Giving someone a cactus that lives in a very damp home is like giving them an empty container. Similarly, gifting a dwarf citrus to someone who has limited southern light is a death sentence for the plant.

Giving plants as presents should bring joy not frustration and disappointment. Choose those that will fit into the home environment successfully.

Things to Consider When Gifting Plants

One of the biggest of the plant gift considerations is size. Check on the plant's mature size and make sure it will fit comfortably in the home. Care is another issue. If you are giving to a novice, for example, select an easy-to-grow plant that is foolproof so their first experience isn't a negative one.

Some options might include:

Assess the light and humidity too. If you are giving a plant that blooms, avoid flowers in hated hues and those with heady aromas, especially if someone is allergic.

Choose pet and child-friendly plants that are non-toxic like:

For someone who loves to cook, a potted arrangement of herbs would be ideal and is also safe to have around animals and kids. A container of assorted greens is also non-toxic and a useful gift. Other ideas are a mini salsa garden, terrarium, or wall-mounted plant like staghorn fern.

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