Relaxing Plants To Grow Indoors For A Calmer Mind

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It's estimated that anxiety affects 18 percent of the American adult population each year. Working in the garden is one way to reduce stress, but what if you don't have a garden or it's the middle of winter? Did you know that keeping stress-relief plants in the house also helps curb anxiety?

Plants That Calm You Down

Several studies have shown that houseplants can have a positive impact on mood, stress levels, and anxiety. There is one study in particular which gardeners might find intriguing. It was conducted in China using 24 students inside an office setting.

The study had the students evaluate the office space with and without plants. Various types of physiological data was also collected from the participants. When both qualitative and quantitative data was compared, it showed there were certain characteristics of plants that helped with anxiety. 

According to the study, the students showed a preference for plants that were green, those with a light scent, and ones that were smaller in size. Knowing this, gardeners can create a relaxing space inside their homes using calming plants. 

The Most Relaxing Plants

If you're considering adding plants to improve the relaxation qualities of your home, the following plants are considered some of the best plants that calm you down and improve one's mental state:

Aloe Vera – The bright green leaves and smaller size of aloe vera fits the profile of a calming plant. This sun-loving succulent also helps purify the air, which gives homeowners one less worry.

Areca palm – Adding the tropical ambience of an areca palm to any room can trigger happy memories of warm, summer days relaxing on the beach. These plants require bright, indirect light and attention to soil moisture levels.

Basil – The rich, green leaves, smaller size, and fragrant aroma of basil is the trifecta of ideal characteristics for stress-relief plants. To maintain a bushier plant, pinch the growing tips back and use the young, tender leaves of this herb in the kitchen.

Chamomile – Although chamomile is often thought of as an outdoor plant, this herb thrives indoors in a sunny location. The calming fragrance helps reduce stress and the flowers can be used to make a calming tea.

Mint – This popular aromatherapy herb is used to awaken the mind and soothe stress. Mint varieties are low maintenance plants, plus their cuttings can live for an extended period of time in a glass of water.

Lavender – The sweet floral scent of lavender makes this herb one of the most distinguished calming plants. Grow lavender in a well-draining pot and place it in a sunny window for the most fragrant flowers.

Snake plant – As a popular feng shui houseplant, snake plants are credited with attracting positive energy. They are believed to improve concentration and productivity. Place a snake plant in a bright location and water sparingly.

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Laura Miller has been gardening all her life. Holding a degree in Biology, Nutrition, and Agriculture, Laura's area of expertise is vegetables, herbs, and all things edible. She lives in Ohio.