Zoysia Grass Plugs: Directions For Planting Zoysia Plugs

Bushy Zoysia Grass Plugs
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Zoysia grass has become a popular lawn grass in the past few decades, mostly due to its ability to spread through a yard simply by planting plugs, as opposed to reseeding the yard, which is what is done with other traditional lawn grasses. If you have purchased zoysia grass plugs, you are probably wondering how and when to plant zoysia plugs. Keep reading for instructions on planting zoysia plugs.

Planting Zoysia Plugs

  1. Prepare the ground where you will be planting zoysia plugs. De-thatch the area and water it thoroughly to soften the soil.
  2. Dig the hole for the plug slightly larger than the plug itself.
  3. Add some weak fertilizer or compost to the bottom of the hole and place the plug in the hole.
  4. Backfill the soil around the plug. Press down on the plug to make sure you have good contact with the soil.
  5. How far apart you plant the zoysia grass plugs will be determined by how quickly you want the zoysia grass to take over the lawn. At a minimum, space them 12 inches (31 cm.) apart, but you can space them wider if you are okay with waiting longer.
  6. Keep planting zoysia plugs across the yard. The zoysia grass plugs should planted in a checkerboard pattern as you continue on.
  7. After all the zoysia grass plugs are planted, water the grass thoroughly.

After planting zoysia plugs, keep watering them daily for a week or two until they are established.

When to Plant Zoysia Plugs

The best time when to plant zoysia plugs is in the late spring after all threat of frost has passed until midsummer. Planting zoysia plugs after midsummer will not give the plugs enough time to establish themselves well enough to survive the winter.

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