Information About Bleeding Heart

Taking Cuttings From A Bleeding Heart – How To Root A Bleeding Heart Cutting

Growing bleeding heart from cuttings is a surprisingly easy and effective method of propagating new bleeding heart plants for your own garden, or for sharing with friends. If you would enjoy having more of this gorgeous plant, click here to learn more.

Dormant Bleeding Heart Plants – How To Plant A Bare Root Bleeding Heart

Gardeners who are used to purchasing growing plants at nurseries or garden centers might get quite a shock when the bleeding heart plant they ordered online arrives as a bare root plant. Learn how to plant a bare root bleeding heart in this article.

Non-Flowering Bleeding Heart: How To Get A Bleeding Heart To Bloom

All good things must come to an end, and hot weather signals the time for bleeding hearts to cease flowering and go into dormancy. What other reasons might there be for a non-flowering bleeding heart? Learn more in this article.

Bleeding Heart Has Yellow Leaves: Treating Yellow Bleeding Heart Plants

Yellowing bleeding heart plants in mid-summer are part of the life cycle and completely normal. A bleeding heart with yellow leaves at any other time of the year may be an indication of cultural or other issues. Click here to learn more.

Bleeding Heart Flower Care – How To Grow Bleeding Hearts

Blooms of the bleeding heart plant appear in early spring adorning the garden with attention getting, heart shaped flowers borne on arching stems. Learn more about growing this plant in the following article.