Camellia Companion Plants - What To Plant With Camellias

Pink Flowered Camellia Plants
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Some gardeners are convinced that camellias should never be asked to share their space with other plants and that all eyes should be focused on these lovely evergreen shrubs. Others prefer a more diverse garden where the landscape is shared by a variety of camellia companion plants.

If you’re wondering about suitable companions for camellias, keep in mind that while color and form are important, it’s also critical to consider growing habits. Many plants play nice with camellias, but others just aren’t compatible. Read on for tips on planting with camellias.

Healthy Camellia Plant Companions

Camellias are glorious in a shade garden, and they are especially effective when planted along with other shade-loving plants. When it comes to choosing camellia plant companions, consider plants such as hostas, rhododendrons, ferns, or azaleas

Camellias are shallow-rooted plants, which means they won’t thrive next to trees or shrubs with long, complex root systems. For instance, you may want to avoid poplars, willows, or elms. Better choices may include magnolia, Japanese maple, or witch hazel.

Like rhodies and azaleas, camellias are acid-loving plants that prefer a pH range between 5.0 and 5.5. They get along well with other plants that have similar tastes, such as:

Plants such as clematis, forsythia, or lilac prefer more alkaline soil and probably are not good choices for camellia plant companions.

What to Plant With Camellias

Here are a few more ideas for companion planting with camellias:

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