Yuletide Camellia: How To Grow And Care For Yuletide Camellias

Red Yuletide Camellia Plant
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For many gardeners, decorating for the holiday season also includes the addition of seasonal plants. Potted specimens that can be displayed indoors are exceptionally popular. However, there are also several other species of plants that can grow and bloom outdoors. One such example is the “Yuletide” camellia bush. Learning more about this plant’s needs and the Yuletide camellia bloom time can help you decide whether or not this ornamental shrub is a good choice for your home landscape. 

How to Grow Yuletide Camellia Bushes

Hardy to USDA growing zone 7, evergreen camellia shrubs produce large single red flowers. As the name would imply, the Yuletide camellia bloom time often coincides with the holiday season in much of its growing zone. In fact, many growers even cut the flowers for use in decorative indoor vases and centerpieces. 

With so many positive attributes, it is easy to see why camellias are such an exceptionally popular choice for adding color and texture to home landscapes. Though these camellias can grow quickly to form large hedges, if you want to grow camellias outside of their hardiness range, you can do so in containers or pots that you can move when winter temperatures become too harsh. 

Before planting outdoors, you’ll need to carefully consider the Yuletide camellia’s required growing conditions. Yuletide shrubs prefer a location that receives partial shade, though they can tolerate moderate amounts of sunlight. Ideally, camellias are best grown in groups or with other evergreen shrubs. Camellias thrive in a planting site that drains well, with slightly acidic soil. 

Care of Yuletide Camellia

Once established, Yuletide camellia care is minimal. Shrubs may require occasional irrigation during the hottest portion of the growing season as the root system continues to grow and spread. Seasonal fertilization should also be done to promote blooms each winter. 

After the flowering has ceased, faded Yuletide camellia flowers can be removed in preparation for cooler temperatures. Pruning is not required, but you may choose to remove damaged branches and/or trim the plant in order to maintain the desired size and shape of the shrub. The best time to do this is usually late winter to early spring. 

Tonya Barnett

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