Information About Campanula

Bellflower Plants: How To Grow Campanula Bellflowers

With their happy nodding heads, Campanula bellflower plants are cheery perennial flowers. Get tips and conditions for growing bellflowers in the garden with the information in this article.

What Is Creeping Bellflower: Tips On Removing Creeping Bellflower In Gardens

Exactly what is the problem with creeping bellflower in gardens? This lovely little plant with the pretty purple blooms is actually a burly thug that can create absolute havoc for unsuspecting gardeners. Learn about removing creeping bellflowers here.

Creeping Bellflower Plants: Tips For Creeping Bellflower Eradication In Gardens

Creeping bellflower is a beautiful flower that you don’t want in your garden. This invasive weed quickly takes over, choking out anything you try to grow, including the grass in your lawn. Find out about creeping bellflower eradication in this article.

Serbian Bellflower Care: Tips On Growing Serbian Bellflowers

Serbian bellflower plants are a great way to add long lasting color to the home landscape. Serbian bellflower care is minimal and you’ll find it is one of the easiest plants to grow. Read this article for more info.

Campanula Propagation – How To Plant Campanula Seed

Since most are biennial, propagating campanula plants is often required in order to enjoy their blooms each year. Although they self-seed in some areas, this article will explain other methods of campanula propagation.