Information About Clivia

Growing Clivia – Care For Clivia Plant

Clivia plants have become quite popular with collectors. While most clivias are grown as interesting houseplants, in suitable locations they can be grown as outdoor container plants. Learn more here.

Outdoor Clivia Lily Care: Learn About Growing Clivia Lilies Outdoors

Clivia lily is becoming more popular with gardeners around the world. It is mostly used as a houseplant, but clivia lily in the garden can provide beautiful clumps of foliage and flowers in warmer regions. Learn more about growing them in the garden here.

Clivia Bloom Cycle: Tips On Getting Clivias To Rebloom

Once you get it home, clivia blooms may fade, leaving you wondering how to make the plant rebloom. This article can help. Click here to learn about the clivia bloom cycle and tips on forcing clivia to bloom again.

Clivia Seed Germination: How Do I Germinate Clivia Seeds

Clivia is a fascinating plant but can get very expensive if bought full grown. Luckily, it can be grown relatively easy from its large seeds. Use the information in this article to learn more about clivia seed germination and growing clivia by seed.

Clivia Color Change: Reasons Why Clivia Plants Turn Color

Clivia plants are a collector’s dream. They come in a wide range of colors and some are even variegated. There are also dominant colors which can change a strain’s final outcome hue. Read this article to learn more about why Clivia plants turn color.