Information About Delphinium

Care Of Delphinium Flowers: Tips For Growing Delphinium Plants

What are the secrets to the correct care of delphinium? Read this article for tips about delphinium planting and how to get the best performance from growing delphinium plants.

Delphinium Companion Plants – What Are Good Companions For Delphinium

No cottage garden is complete without graceful delphiniums standing tall in the background. Delphinium flowers were often used in wedding bouquets and garlands along with lilies and chrysanthemums. Learn about other companions for delphinium in this article.

Delphinium Winter Care: Preparing Delphinium Plants For Winter

Delphinium is a stately plant with tall, spiky blooms that beautify the garden in early summer. Although these hardy perennials require a minimum of care, a few simple steps will ensure they survive winter cold unscathed. Click here to learn more.