Information About Foxglove

Foxglove Seed Harvesting – How To Save Foxglove Seeds For Next Season

Foxglove self-sows easily in the garden, but you can also save seeds from mature plants. Collecting foxglove seeds is a great way to propagate new plants for planting in other areas or for sharing with gardening family and friends. Learn more in this article.

Foxglove Winter Care: Learn About Foxglove Plant Care In Winter

Because of their short life span, foxgloves are planted in succession, so that each season a set of foxglove blooms. However, not preparing them properly for winter can throw this succession planting off. Learn about winterizing foxglove plants in this article.

Removing Spent Foxglove Flowers – How Do I Deadhead Foxglove Plants

Should you deadhead foxglove? Unless you want foxglove in every corner of your garden, it is wise to deadhead these lovely blooms. Deadheading foxglove plants can minimize their spread, but it has added benefits as well. Click here for more details.

Potted Foxglove Care – Tips On Growing Foxglove In Containers

Foxgloves are big, beautiful, flowering plants that tolerate shade well. They also do very well in containers, making them perfect for adding volume and color to a shady porch or patio. Learn more about how to grow foxglove in a pot in this article.

Foxglove Plants – Tips For Growing Foxgloves

Tall and stately foxglove plants have long been included in garden areas where vertical interest and lovely flowers are desired. Get information for growing foxgloves in the article that follows.