Winterizing Pulmonaria Plants: Learn About Pulmonaria Winter Care

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The addition of flowering bulbs and perennial plants is an excellent way to create beautiful flower borders rich with vibrant color throughout the entire growing season.

While summer blooming flowers are common, there is also an abundance of early spring flowering perennials that will add appeal before many other plants begin to grow.

Cool season plants, such as Pulmonaria lungwort, are great options for gardeners wishing to kickstart their spring flower beds with a burst of color. To enjoy all this plant has to offer though, winterizing Pulmonaria adequately is important.

Does Pulmonaria Bloom in Winter?

Like many cool season plants, Pulmonaria and cold temperatures are an ideal combination. With proper care and attention, Pulmonaria plants will usually begin to bloom from late winter into early spring. This may vary depending upon your growing zone and specific seasonal conditions.

Lungwort in winter will begin to flower as the days slowly become longer and temperatures steadily begin to warm.

Pulmonaria Winter Care

Pulmonaria winter care is relatively simple. As with many winter hardy plants, gardeners should give special attention to providing ideal growing conditions. Lungwort plants will thrive in a location that receives partial to full dappled shade throughout the day. Additionally, these plants should never be allowed to dry out, as they require soil that is consistently moist.

Lungwort plants are unique in that they do not bloom when foliage is present. When winter temperatures arrive and plant foliage has started to die back, the leaves of the plant should be removed using a pair of sharp gardening shears. At this time, many growers also choose to cover the plant with a light layer of mulch to protect against harsh temperatures and to better regulate moisture.

At bloom time, gardeners can expect flower stalks to begin protruding through the soil. Once blooming has ceased, foliage will once again become a prominent aspect of the plant. The low growing speckled leaves allow for added visual interest throughout the remainder of the growing season.

With correct care and maintenance of lungwort in winter, especially during the plants’ period of dormancy, growers can ensure the best chance of beautiful blooms early in the growing season.

Tonya Barnett

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