Information About Ornamental Ginger

Hedychium Ginger Lily Info: Tips On Caring For Butterfly Ginger Lilies

Hedychium are often called butterfly ginger lily or garland lily. Each species has a unique floral shape but characteristic "canna-like" large foliage. Learn more about this plant and how to grow it in the article that follows.

Panda Face Ginger Info: Tips For Growing Panda Face Ginger Plant

If you are looking for a shade-loving plant to fill a gap in the landscape, you might want to try a wild ginger. One of the more spectacular specimens is Asarum maximum, or Panda Face ginger. Learn how to grow it in this article.

Beehive Ginger Care: Learn How To Grow Beehive Ginger

The beehive ginger plant is of tropical origin, so if you are more north of the equator, you may wonder if it is possible to grow and, if so, how to grow beehive ginger in your garden. This article will help with that.

Torch Ginger Flowers: How To Grow Torch Ginger Lilies

The torch ginger lily is a showy addition to the tropical landscape. Find out how to grow this interesting plant by reading the following article. Click here to get more information.

Caring For Wild Ginger: How To Grow Wild Ginger Plants

Found throughout the world, but primarily in the shady woods of Asia and North America, wild ginger is a perennial not related to the culinary ginger. Can you grow ginger plants in the wild? Read here to find out.