Information About Petunias

Growing petunias can offer an array of summer color in the garden, in borders and hanging baskets. Petunia care is easy when armed with the right tools – like planting, pruning, pests and disease, and the different types of petunias available. All this and more can be found in the articles that follow.

Caring For Petunias: How To Grow Petunias

Growing petunias can offer long term color in the summer landscape and brighten dreary borders with lovely pastel colors. Proper petunia care is simple and easy. This article will help.

My Petunias Are Wilting – What Causes Petunias To Wilt And Die

What happens when your petunias start to wilt? Sometimes it’s easily fixed, but sometimes it’s a sign of something serious. Click this article to learn more about petunia wilting problems and what causes petunias to wilt and die.

Types Of Petunia Plants – What Are The Different Petunia Flowers

There’s a lot to appreciate about petunias. These cheery garden favorites are available in an amazing range of colors, sizes and forms. Learn about a few of the different types of petunias in this article and make selecting these flowers an easier endeavor.

My Petunias Are Getting Leggy: Learn How To Stop Leggy Petunias

Many gardeners find themselves back at the nursery complaining that “my petunias are getting leggy.” All the flowers end up at the end of the lanky bare stems. Don’t fret. You can learn how to stop leggy petunias in this article.

Pruning Petunias – Information On Cutting Back Petunia Plants

Even if you deadhead your petunias furiously, clipping off all those faded blossoms, the stems just keep growing longer. Do petunias need pruning? Yes, they do. Click here for more information about how to cut back petunias.

Petunia Companion Planting – Tips On Choosing Companions For Petunias

Petunias are fantastic annual bloomers. If you’re really serious about adding some color to your garden or patio, you might want some companions to mix things up a bit. This article will help with learning what to plant with petunias.

Petunia Cold Hardiness: What Is The Cold Tolerance Of Petunias

Although petunias are classified as tender perennials, they are delicate, thin-leaved tropical plants that are usually grown as annuals due to their lack of hardiness. Learn more about the cold tolerance of petunias in this article.

Petunia Container Care: Growing Petunias In Pots

Planting petunias in containers is a fantastic way to showcase them. Whether in hanging baskets or containers on tables or a front porch, growing petunias in pots brings vibrant color throughout the summer. Learn more here.

Hanging Petunia Plants: Tips On Caring For Petunias In Hanging Baskets

If you’re not sure what to plant in your hanging baskets, you can’t go wrong with hanging petunia plants. With only a bit of effort on your part, petunias will reward you with masses of bright color all summer. Learn more in this article.

Yellow Leaves On Petunia Plants: Why A Petunia Has Yellow Leaves

Yellowing petunia leaves can leave a gardener scratching his/her head. In many cases, the yellow leaves on petunia plants are cultural in nature but sometimes the cause is a common disease. Learn more in this article.

Overwintering Petunias: Growing Petunia Indoors Over Winter

Petunias are no longer the plain Janes of the flower border. The new cultivars are considerably more expensive, so you may want to overwinter them to save money in the spring. Read this article to find out how.

Petunia Not Blooming: How To Fix Petunia Plant With No Flowers

What do you do if you have non blooming petunias? Learning how to make petunia bloom is fairly simple. Read this article to find out what may have caused the petunia plant with no flowers.

Petunia Seed Propagation: How To Start Petunias From Seeds

It's simple to buy petunia seedlings to fill a planter, but for mass plantings and garden edging, growing petunias from seed is the way to go. Learn more in this article.

Wave Petunia Plants: How To Care For Wave Petunias

If you want to fill a flower bed or large planter with an eye-catching pop of color, Wave petunias are the plant to get. Learn how to care for Wave petunias in the article that follows.

Deadheading Petunias: How To Deadhead Petunia Flowers

Petunias are among the most popular of garden flowers. Unfortunately, those colorful blossoms die off quickly, leaving you the job of deadheading petunias. Get deadheading tips for petunias here.

Propagate Petunia Cuttings: How To Root Petunia Plants

Most flower gardeners are familiar with growing petunias from seed. But what about taking petunia cuttings? Learn how to start petunias from cuttings with information found in this article.

Petunia Diseases And Pests: Common Problems With Growing Petunias

Petunias tolerate a lot of abuse and neglect, though pests and diseases can create problems. Read carefully through this list of common petunia flower issues to learn how to treat ailing petunias.