Information About Salvia

Purple Sage Planting Guide: What Is Purple Sage And Where Does It Grow

Used to sandy, poor soil, sage requires little maintenance and is perfect for filling in areas where most other plants would die. Click this article to learn more about growing purple sage plants and the care of purple sage in gardens.

Lyreleaf Sage Care: Tips On Growing Lyreleaf Sage

Lyreleaf sage plants are valued primarily for their colorful foliage, which emerges as deep green or burgundy in spring. The color deepens as the season progresses. Interested in learning about growing lyreleaf sage? Click this article and learn more.

Dividing Salvia: How To Transplant Salvia In The Garden

I love salvias! They are colorful with abundant flowers and great habitat plants too. If you are like me and want to enjoy even more of these beautiful plants, then transplanting salvia to other areas of the garden may be of some interest. Click here for more info.

Growing Salvia – Tips On Growing And Caring For Different Types Of Salvia

Learning how to grow salvia and how to take care of salvia plants provides a wide range of sights and smells, as there are many types to choose from. Find out about the different salvia plants in this article.