Growing Oleander From Cuttings – How To Propagate Oleander Cuttings

rooting oleander
rooting oleander
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While oleander can grow into a very large, dense plant with time, creating a long oleander hedge can become expensive. Or perhaps a friend of yours has a beautiful oleander plant that you can't seem to find anywhere else. If you have found yourself, for any reason, wondering “Can I grow oleander from cuttings?”, continue reading to find out how to propagate oleander cuttings.

Oleander Plant Cuttings

Before doing anything with oleander, it is very important to know that it is a poisonous plant. Be sure to wear rubber gloves, long sleeves, and safety glasses when handling oleander. Keep all oleander plant cuttings out of reach from children and pets. Despite its toxicity, oleander is a much beloved and commonly grown plant in zones 8-11. The best way to quickly propagate it is from cuttings. There are two options for growing oleander from cuttings.

  • You can take oleander plant cuttings from the new tip growth, or greenwood, at any time throughout the growing season.
  • In the fall, you can also take semi-woody oleander plant cuttings from that season’s growth just maturing into woody branches.

Most oleander growers say cuttings from greenwood root quicker, though.

Rooting Oleander Cuttings

While wearing protective gear, take cuttings about 6-8 inches (15-20.5 cm.) long from the oleander. Be sure to cut just below a leaf node. Cut all the lower leaves off your oleander cutting, leaving only the tip growth. You can either place these oleander cuttings in a mixture of water and rooting stimulant until you are ready to plant or simply plant them right away. Plant oleander cuttings in rich, organic potting material, like compost. I like to make a few nicks around the lower part of the cutting to promote root growth. Dip your oleander plant cuttings into a rooting hormone powder and then simply plant into a pot with potting mix. To root oleander cuttings a little faster, put a seedling heat mat underneath the pot and cutting. You can also create a humid “greenhouse” by placing a clear plastic bag over the pot. This will trap in the moisture and humidity that oleander needs to develop roots. Greenwood oleander plant cuttings started in the spring will usually be ready to plant outdoors in the fall. Semi-woody oleander plant cuttings taken in the fall will be ready to plant outdoors in spring.

Darcy Larum