Deer Resistant Plant List - Learn About Plants That Are Deer Resistant

Deer In A Garden
deer in garden
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Watching deer is an incredibly enjoyable pastime; however, the fun stops when the deer decide to make a lunch buffet of your garden. Deer-resistant gardening is a hot topic amongst gardeners who don't necessarily want to scare off the deer but also want to keep their lovely gardens intact. With more and more natural land being taken from deer and in areas where population control is not practiced, deer can definitely become a nuisance. To create a completely deer-resistant garden is never 100 percent guaranteed, but the key to keeping Bambi and his clan at a distance lies in understanding which plants deer prefer and which they usually pass over.

Deer Resistant Garden Plants

Although the type of vegetation that deer prefer seems to vary somewhat between different parts of the country, it is still possible to identify deer-resistant garden plants that should be safe no matter where you live. Sometimes finding out what your deer will and will not eat becomes a process of elimination. Keep in mind, hungry deer that have been through a difficult winter will eat just about anything. Therefore, don't be alarmed if even some of your so-called deer-resistant plants become a quick snack.

Deer Resistant Plant List

While there are numerous plants that can be used to create a deer-resistant garden, a deer-resistant plant list of this size would be too extensive to include here. Therefore, the following deer-resistant garden plants are considered to be some of the more common.

Deer Resistant Annuals

Popular annual plants that are deer-resistant include the following:

Deer Resistant Perennials

Deer-resistant perennials either have an offensive aroma, texture, or taste. Plant these lovely flowers to discourage deer in your garden:

Deer Resistant Shrubs

Although deer love to browse on the tips of both evergreen and deciduous shrubs, there are many varieties that they tend to leave alone.

Deer Resistant Herbs

Planting a few deer-resistant herbs in and around your garden may create a protective boundary for other plants. Deer do not favor any of the following: