Tips For Propagating Brugmansia

Indoor Yellow Brugmansia Plant
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Perfect for the summer container garden, brugmansia is a fast-growing, easy-care shrub. This beautiful, flowering plant is not only easy to grow, but propagating brugmansia is easy too. There are three methods of brugmansia propagation-- by seeds, cuttings, and air layering-- so you're sure to find the method that works best for you.

Growing Brugmansia from Seeds

Brugmansia seeds are enclosed in a cork-like covering. The seeds themselves resemble small beans. When growing brugmansia from seeds, you can choose to leave this covering in place or remove it. Keep in mind, however, that taking the seed covering off will allow for faster germination and sprouting. Plant brugmansia seeds about half an inch (1 cm.) deep in a mixture of sand and peat. Water well. The seeds should germinate within two to four weeks. Once seedlings have obtained their second leaves, they can be gently lifted and repotted individually in well-draining potting soil. Place in an area with indirect light.

Rooting Brugmansia Cuttings

Rooting brugmansia cuttings is the easiest way to propagate plants. They can be rooted in soil or water using both hardwood and softwood cuttings. Select cuttings from older wood and make them at least 6 inches (15 cm.) long. When rooting brugmansia in water, remove all the bottom leaves. Change the water daily and once roots appear, move cuttings to a soil environment. If rooting in soil, place cutting about 2 inches (5 cm.) deep in well-draining potting soil. Use your finger or a stick to make this easier. Likewise, you can make a small "trench" with your finger and place the cutting inside, firming the soil around the bottom part of the brugmansia cutting. Water the cutting and place it in a semi-shaded location until well rooted, at which time you can provide additional light.

Brugmansia Propagation Using Air Layering

Air layering allows you to root brugmansia cuttings while remaining on the mother plant. Choose a branch and cut an angled notch in the bottom side. Apply rooting hormone and then place some moistened peat mix (or soil) around the wound. Lightly wrap clear plastic over this. Once significant rooting has taken place, cut the branch from the mother plant and remove the plastic. Plant this in a pot of well-draining soil and keep it watered. Move to a shady location until well established before adding more light. Brugmansia propagation is an easy and effective way to add more of these lovely plants to your garden. With three different methods to choose from, propagating brugmansia is sure to be a success.

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