Plane Tree Lumber Uses: What To Do With Wood From Plane Trees

plane tree wood
plane tree wood
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London plane trees are a popular addition to many home landscapes. Known for their use in city parks and along streets, these truly magnificent trees grow to reach amazing heights. Long-lived and vigorous, these trees do not commonly come to mind regarding the use of their timber. However, like many ornamental landscape plantings, it is no surprise that these trees also have quite the reputation for their use in furniture making and in lumber mills.

About Plane Tree Lumber

Planting of London plane tree, specifically for the timber industry, is very rare. While oriental plane trees are sometimes planted for these purposes, most plantings of London plane trees are made in landscaping and cityscaping. With this in mind, however, tree loss is not uncommon due to damage caused by severe thunderstorms, wind, ice, or other drastic weather events. Homeowners may also need to remove trees when undertaking various home additions or when beginning construction projects throughout their properties. The removal of these trees can leave many homeowners to wonder about plane tree wood uses.

What is Plane Tree Wood Used For?

While many homeowners with fallen trees may automatically assume the wood a good choice for mulch or for use as chopped firewood, the uses for plane tree wood include many more options. Commonly referred to as “lacewood” due to its characteristic lace-like appearance and pattern, wood from plane trees can be used in a variety of applications. While wood from plane trees is not especially durable in outdoor applications, its interesting pattern is often sought after for use in indoor furniture or in cabinet making. Though this hardwood has many beautiful aspects, such as color and pattern throughout cut lengths, it is often used in other more basic applications. London plane wood, though not widely available, is a popular choice for plywood, veneer, flooring, and even wood pallets.

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