Information About Bittersweet

American Bittersweet Propagation: How To Grow Bittersweet From Seed Or Cuttings

If one bittersweet vine isn’t enough for your garden, you can propagate it and grow more. You can either start growing bittersweet cuttings or plant bittersweet seeds. If you are interested in propagating American bittersweet vines, click here for tips.

Oriental Bittersweet Information: Guide To Oriental Bittersweet Control

Asian bittersweet was once planted as an ornamental. However, it escaped cultivation and spread into wild areas where it crowds out native trees, shrubs and other vegetation. Find information about killing oriental bittersweet in this article.

American Bittersweet Vine: Tips For Growing Bittersweet Plants

Bittersweet vines are North American native plants that thrive throughout most of the U.S. Find out how to grow them in the home landscape by reading the article that follows.