Information About Cat's Claw Vine

How To Trim Cat’s Claw Plants: Cutting Back A Cat’s Claw Vine In The Garden

Cat’s claw vines, fast growing and drought tolerant, fill your garden with drama and color. But don’t let it go wherever it wants to. Cutting back cat’s claw is an important and easy way to keep the vine under control. Learn more in this article.

Cat’s Claw Plant Care: How To Grow Cat’s Claw Vines

Cat’s claw is a prolific, fast growing vine that produces tons of bright, vibrant flowers. It spreads quickly and is considered invasive in some places, but if you treat it right, it can have a big payoff. Learn more about how to grow cat’s claw vines here.

Controlling Cat’s Claw: How To Get Rid Of A Cat’s Claw Vine Plant

Cat’s claw is an invasive vine with yellow flowers. While some people use the vine for medicinal purposes, most think of it only as a pest. Read here for information on controlling this vine.