Jasmine Nightshade Info: Learn How To Grow A Potato Vine

Jasmine Nightshade the Potato Vine
potato vine
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What is a potato vine and how can I use it in my garden? The potato vine (Solanum jasminoides) is a spreading, fast-growing vine that produces deep green foliage and a profusion of star-shaped white or blue-tinted, potato vine flowers. Interested in learning how to grow a potato vine? Read on for jasmine nightshade info and growing tips.

Jasmine Nightshade Info

Also known as jasmine nightshade, potato vine (Solanum laxum) is suitable for growing in USDA plant hardiness zone 8 through 11. Potato vine is lighter and less woody than many other vines and works well on a lattice, or to cover an arbor or a drab, ugly fence. You can also grow potato vine in a container.

Hummingbirds love the sweet, fragrant potato vine flowers, which may bloom much of the year in warmer climates, and songbirds appreciate the berries that follow the blooms. Potato vine is also said to be deer resistant.

How to Grow a Potato Vine

Jasmine nightshade care is relatively easy, as the potato vine prefers full sunlight or partial shade and average, well-drained soil. Provide a trellis or other support at planting time.

Water jasmine nightshade regularly during the first growing season to develop long, healthy roots. Thereafter, this vine is fairly drought tolerant but benefits from an occasional deep watering.

Feed your potato vine regularly throughout the growing season using any good quality, general-purpose fertilizer. Prune a potato vine after blooming in fall if needed to control the size of the plant.

Note: Like most members of the potato family (excluding the most famous tubers, obviously), all parts of potato vine, including the berries, are toxic if ingested. Do not eat any part of your potato vine.

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