Fish Tank Plants To Avoid – Plants That Hurt Fish Or Die In Aquariums

Various Fish Tank Plants
bad aquarium plants
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For beginners and aquarium enthusiasts alike, the process of filling a new tank can be exciting. From choosing fish to selecting the plants that will be incorporated into the aquascape, the creation of ideal aquatic environments requires careful planning and attention to detail. Unfortunately, things may not always go according to plan. This is especially true when incorporating submersed live plants. Here we will learn about fish tank plants to avoid.

What Shouldn’t You Put in a Fish Tank?

Buying aquatic plants for the aquarium can add a unique design to tanks. Not only can live aquatic plants provide natural habitat for fish, but may also improve the overall water quality of your tank. While bright and vibrant foliage is appealing and adds visual interest, owners may frequently find that these are plants that die in aquariums.

When purchasing plants for the aquarium, it is important to thoroughly research each type to be used. Not only will this provide valuable insight into whether or not these are plants that hurt fish, but will also allow greater information in regard to the specific needs of the plant.

Unfortunately, misinformation is very common when purchasing aquatic plants online and in retail stores.

If you have purchased plants that die in aquariums, it is likely that the plant species was not appropriate for the aquatic environment. Many plants that have been produced by large scale greenhouses are better suited for growth in terrariums, or demonstrate an emerged growth requirement. Emerged plants will not grow in aquatic conditions, though portions of their growing season may be spent in water. Complete submersion in the fish tank will only lead to the ultimate decline of these plantings.

Included in plants not to put in an aquarium are those that are obviously non-aquatic varieties. When submerged, these plant types will disintegrate and die rather quickly. Some ill-suited plants which are commonly sold for aquariums include:

By carefully choosing aquatic plants, and with proper regulation of nutrients and atmosphere within the tank, aquarium owners can create a thriving ecosystem of beautiful submerged plants and fish.

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