How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs: Can Bed Bugs Live Outdoors

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Few things are more distressing than finding evidence of bed bugs in your home. After all, finding a pest which solely feeds on the blood of humans can be extremely alarming. Becoming more common, these hard-to-kill bed bugs can leave homeowners with bites, skin irritation, and a general sense of unease.

While bed bugs are a serious concern when found indoors, many may be surprised to find that bed bugs may also be able to survive out in the garden. While not as common, bed bugs from garden areas can hitch a ride indoors.

Can Bed Bugs Live Outdoors?

In general, bed bugs do not prefer to live outdoors. However, bed bugs may show up in outdoor spaces in sheltered locations as they search for a place to feed. Most likely, bugs that have been found in the yard have come from elsewhere. This includes having attached to clothes or moving from previously infested neighboring properties.

Since the bugs’ ultimate goal is to find a human host by which to feed, it is very likely that outdoor bed bugs from the garden will eventually attempt to move indoors. With this knowledge, many are left to ask what to do about bed bugs outdoors.

How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

The first step in garden bed bug control is prevention. Bed bugs from garden areas can be distressing, but with a little maintenance, homeowners can help prevent their invasion.

Bed bugs are naturally drawn to garden materials such as wood from raised beds, the fabric and cushions used on patio furniture, and various cracks and small spaces. General garden clean-up and repair will help remove the places which the bugs prefer to hide.

Even though bed bugs living outdoors do have some natural predators, this is not a reliable means of control. Whether indoors or out, it will be important to contact a professional pest control specialist to assist in ridding the space of bed bugs.

Professional heat treatments have proven to be most effective. Homeowners should never implement the use of insecticides or “homemade” remedies when attempting to remove bed bugs from a property. 

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