Arkansas Planting Zones – USDA Map of Arkansas Growing Zones


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USDA Map Of Zones For Plants & Trees In Arkansas

The USDA Arkansas growing zones map will help you understand the type of plants that can grow where you live.

To use the USDA Arkansas hardiness zone map, find the place you live on the map and compare the color of that place on the map with the legend. This will tell you exactly which USDA Arkansas gardening zone you live in.

This hardiness map for Arkansas is based on the 2012 USDA hardiness zones. In 2012, the USDA released a new planting zone map as an answer to the warming of the planet over the last few decades. You may find that the Arkansas climate zones are different from what you expect. This is due to this change in climate and temperature.

Now that you understand the importance of Arkansas climate zones, you can find flowers, vegetables, trees, and other plants that will flourish in your garden. The zones for plants and trees in Arkansas are your guide to a better garden.

Reputable nurseries in your area will only carry plants that are clearly marked with the USDA planting zones that are appropriate for the plant that is for sale. You only need to find plants that match your zone, and you can be assured that your garden will look beautiful.

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