Xeriscape Flowers: Drought Tolerant Flowers For The Garden

Purple Drought Tolerant Flowers In A Xeriscape Garden
(Image credit: Christine_Kohler)

Just because you garden is in an area that has little rainfall does not mean that you are restricted to growing only foliage or green succulent plants. You can use xeriscape flowers in your garden. There are many drought resistant flowers that you can plant that will add some bright and lively color to the landscape. Let's look at some drought tolerant flowers you can grow.

Drought Resistant Flowers

Drought hardy flowers are flowers that will thrive in areas that receive little rainfall or areas with sandy soil where the water may drain away quickly. Of course, like all flowers, drought tolerant flowers are broken into two groups. There are annual dry area flowers and perennial dry area flowers. Annual Xeriscape Flowers Annual drought resistant flowers will die away each year. Some may reseed themselves, but for the most part, you will need to plant them every year. The advantage of annual drought tolerant flowers is that they will have many, many flowers all season long. Some annual drought hardy flowers include:

Perennial Xeriscape Flowers Perennial drought resistant flowers will come back year after year. While drought tolerant flowers are much longer lived than annuals, they normally have a shorter blooming time and may not bloom as much as the annuals would. Perennial drought hardy flowers include:

By using xeriscape flowers you can enjoy lovely blooms without much water. Drought resistant flowers can add beauty to your water efficient, xeriscape garden.

Heather Rhoades
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