Growing Flowers Inside: Top 10 Flowers To Grow Indoors

Quite a few people like to grow foliage houseplants, but I think that gets pretty boring! There are so many gorgeous, unusual flowering houseplants out there that can really spice up your indoor space. Here are some of my favorite flowers to grow indoors

What are Good Flowers to Grow Indoors?

  • Lipstick Plant - Nothing is as lovely as the lipstick plant. This relative of the African violet is a beautiful and easy-to-grow trailing plant that produces bright red lipstick-like flowers. I have one hanging under a skylight and it produces flowers throughout the year.
  • African Violet - African violets are not just your grandmother's plants! They come in a lot more colors than the plain purple. There are even ones with fantastic variegated leaves. While many people hesitate to grow them thinking they're too difficult, that could be further from the truth. Given suitable conditions, these are easy flowering houseplants to grow.
  • Orchids - It's no secret that I'm obsessed with orchids. Anyone who likes growing flowers inside should always have orchids! Phalaenopsis flowers can easily last 3-5 months indoors and even longer as your plant reblooms off old flower spikes and gets larger. Of course, there are many other types of orchids to experiment with once the orchid bug bites.
  • Hibiscus - If you are blessed with very sunny windows, hibiscus make stunning indoor blooming plants. I normally grow these plants outdoors in the summertime, only because my indoor space doesn't get enough direct sunshine to do them justice indoors. Flowers come in a stunning array of colors including red, white, pink, yellow, and even multiple colors in one flower.
  • Christmas Cactus - What most people call Christmas cactus is actually Thanksgiving cactus. Regardless, the care is the same, and these are just loaded with flowers in fall and winter when we need color most indoors!
  • Crown of Thorns - The crown of thorns is a gorgeous flowering succulent houseplant if you have a sunny window. Flowers come in white, pink and red. Be careful of the thorns though. 
  • Bromeliads - Bromeliads are one of my favorite houseplants to grow indoors. What most people think of as flowers in bromeliads are actually the flower bracts. Bromeliad flowers are often very small and found within the bract. Regardless, they make very showy houseplants. Remember that once a bromeliad flowers, the original plant will start to die slowly. But the good news is that they will produce pups so you can keep those growing. 
  • Peace Lily - Yes, these are very common, but the fact is that they will bloom in areas where almost no other houseplant can. On top of that, peace lilies are also rated by NASA to be great at removing indoor air pollutants. 
  • Anthurium - Although there are quite a number of Anthurium species, the one with waxy red flowers is the most commonly available. You will also see them in shades of white and pink. The flowers will last quite a long time, but will need good light in order to bloom.
  • Streptocarpus - Another relative of the African violet, Streptocarpus plants can also be kept in bloom for much of the year given the right care. I used to have some years ago and now I'm regretting not having one in my houseplant collection. Flowers come in a staggering variety of colors and like similar growing conditions to African violets.
Raffaele DiLallo