Aloe Vera and Succulent Houseplants on Windowsill
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Though sometimes frustrating, learning to garden can be a lifelong process. From planting to watering, inexperienced growers may begin to feel as if they will never have a green thumb when the demands of needy plants are not adequately met. Fortunately, when it comes to houseplants, there is a plethora of options for those of us who still feel that we lack the skill required to maintain potted plants and truly help them to thrive.

Below are 10 houseplants for people without green thumbs that are nearly certain to thrive. These easy-to-grow options will not only add color and life to your indoor space, but make growers feel like seasoned professionals in no time. As always, make certain to research each plant before growing, and keep in mind that some houseplants are toxic to pets and small children.

1. Air Plants - Air plants, or Tillandsia, are completely different than any other plant in that they actually don't require soil to grow. Most air plants do well with frequent misting or brief periods of soaking in water to maintain proper moisture levels.

2. Spider Plant - Spider plants are another great option for those who have the tendency to neglect houseplants. Strong and robust, the thin foliage of spider plants does well with indirect sunlight. Spider plants also propagate themselves somewhat readily in the spring, thus allowing the grower to build his or her plant collection.

3. Echeveria - Succulent plants vary greatly in size and shape. In fact, succulent plants such as echeveria come in a wide range of colors. Naturally a good option for dry climates, it is obvious that succulents would be a good choice for those who may forget to water houseplants on occasion. Grown in a bright space, succulents will readily fill containers and offer an interesting indoor aesthetic.

4. Aloe Vera - Another succulent plant, aloe vera plants are popular today due to their amazing properties and interesting shape. These attractive plants also do quite well when grown indoors in containers. Aloe vera plants are able to tolerate a wide range of light as well as varied or infrequent watering.

5. Peace Lilies - The peace lily plant offers growers lush and glossy green foliage. In tandem with its large white flowers, it is easy to see why this plant is such a popular choice for houseplants. Though the plants can grow to become quite large, they can thrive even in low-light conditions.

6. Pothos - With their waxy leaves and vining habit, pothos can be an interesting addition to houseplant containers. Praised by many for its ability to help purify air, this plant can also withstand neglectful owners.

7. Christmas Cactus - As one would imagine, various types of cacti can be grown indoors in containers. One such plant, the Christmas cactus, is an ideal candidate for those wishing to grow plants that flower indoors during the winter. Though this plant will tolerate low light conditions, it does best when grown in indirect light.

8. Cast Iron Plant - Though the cast iron plant seldom flowers indoors, its beautiful glossy foliage makes it worth growing as a houseplant. As its namesake would imply, these strong plants can withstand adverse conditions in the home.

9. Dieffenbachia - Also known as dumbcane, these plants offer growers stunning variegated foliage that is sure to become a focal point of the growing space. Dieffenbachia plants are adaptable to many growing conditions; however, their growing medium should be well-draining.

10. Snake Plant - Also known as mother-in-law's tongue, snake plant is yet another tough houseplant with intense green foliage, with many varieties also available in variegated forms. Stiff, upright leaves offer dramatic height.

Tonya Barnett

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