How To Harvest Cilantro

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By Heather Rhoades

Cilantro is a popular, short-lived herb. If you wish to increase the life span of cilantro, harvesting it regularly will help greatly.

How to Harvest Cilantro

When it comes to cilantro, harvesting is relatively easy. All that is required is cutting cilantro plants about one-third of the way down. The top one-third is what you will use to cook with and the bottom two-thirds will grow new leaves.

How Often Should You Harvest Cilantro?

You should be harvesting cilantro about once a week. If the plant is growing well, you can harvest more often than this. Either way, you will need to harvest the cilantro at least once a week to help stave off bolting. After harvesting the cilantro, if you are not able to cook with it immediately, you can freeze the cuttings until you are ready to cook with them.


How Do You Cut Cilantro?

When cutting the cilantro stem, make sure that you are using sharp, clean shears or scissors. Leave a few leaves on the intact stem so that the plant will still be able to generate food for itself.

Now that you know how to harvest cilantro, you know that cilantro harvesting is easy and painless. Harvesting cilantro is an excellent way to have fresh herbs for your Mexican and Asian dishes as well as keeping your cilantro plants usable a little longer.

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