Chervil - Growing The Chervil Herb In Your Garden

Green Leaved Chervil Herb
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Chervil is one of the lesser-known herbs that you can grow in your garden. Because it is not often grown, many people wonder, "What is chervil?". Let's take a look at the chervil herb, how to keep chervil growing in your garden and how to use chervil.

What is Chervil Herb?

Chervil (Anthriscus cerefolium) is an annual herb that is best known for being a "sweet" herb. Many people grow chervil to be used in desserts and drinks. The flavor is often described as a combination of parsley and licorice. The chervil herb is also known as gourmet parsley or French parsley.

Best Conditions to Grow Chervil

Chervil is one of the few herbs that grow best in the shade and moist soil. Much like cilantro, chervil will bolt quickly in the heat, so keep it away from the full sun. Chervil also prefers rich soil.

Start Chervil Growing from Seed

Chervil is a delicate plant and does not like to be disturbed once it starts growing. Because of this, chervil should be sown directly where it will be growing in the garden. The best time when to plant chervil is after all threat of frost has passed. Chervil herb can tolerate some frost but grows best in the cool season right after frost has passed. To keep chervil growing consistently, you'll need to do successive plantings. As you grow chervil, start new seeds about every two weeks to ensure continuous harvest until the end of the season. We hope that now that you know what is chervil and when to plant chervil, you will start growing chervil in your garden. You will be tastily rewarded.

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